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      2. Turn arguments..

        We help families in conflict, especially those divorcing or separating.

        ..into agreements

        Whatever the issues, our expertise can help you settle them.

        National Family Mediation

        The divorce and separation experts.

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        Family mediation is quicker, more cost-effective and less stressful than heading to court for your separation or divorce. It gives you control, reduces conflict and helps you to turn your arguments into agreements – ensuring your family stays in control of arrangements over children, property and finance.

        Family mediation can also help in the years following your separation or divorce. The agreements you made when you first separated may no longer work for you as your circumstances change. Family mediation can help you to agree new arrangements that work for your new circumstances.

        Established in 1982, National Family Mediation is the original provider of family mediation. Our network of mediation services, each of which is a not-for-profit provider, delivers family mediation in over 500 locations across England and Wales, delivering some 16,000 mediation sessions each year.

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